About association

Lithuanian municipal public library association (further on referred to as – the association) is a voluntary and self-reliant non-profit membership-based organization that is representing and uniting municipality public libraries all over the Republic of Lithuania, and is executing the tasks and functions set by the members of the association in the pursuit of common goals and mutual cooperation. The association has officially been founded in 1999. The association is guided by the articles of association (with all relevant changes) approved on April 9th, 2015. The members of the association consist of 60 Lithuanian municipality public libraries that are led by the president, the collegial body management body is the council of the association, and the supreme body is the general meeting of members.

The vision:

A strong organization that represents public libraries with unity and responsibility in both Lithuania and abroad.

The mission:

To unify and to strengthen positions of Lithuanian public libraries by ensuring high quality services and by seeking the biggest knowability and desirability in the society.

Main activities of the association:

  • Representation of member libraries and coordination of their activities.
  • Development of Public library image and dissemination of positive experiences.
  • Project activities and qualification raising.
  • Cooperation with partners, foreign country library associations, other associations.

Strategic goals of the association:

1. To unite the municipal public libraries that operate in Lithuanian Republic territory and to represent them in both Lithuanian and foreign institutions.

2. To improve the image of public libraries by using various means.

3. To produce projects of culture development, to integrate into various republic and international projects.

4. To organize and to fund the qualification raising and professional training of library workers.

5. To ensure inner and outer communication between the association and its members.